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Stacy: Three's A Crowd is out now!

The third book in the Holiday Hotwives series is out today on Amazon!

When Kris's wife, Stacy, books a dream holiday for them in Italy, he sees it as a way of repairing their damaged relationship and restoring the trust lost after the affair she had with her boss last year.

What he doesn't know is that she has an ulterior motive for bringing him here and to the Azure View Hotel Resort and Spa in particular; it caters for couples where one partner secretly wants the other to have a unique sexual experience.

Kris's heart is still healing. Will it survive Stacy's attempts at reconciliation as she ensures that he has every opportunity to get even with his unfaithful wife? And what happens when she tells him she wants his blessing to cheat on him again?

Stacy: Three's A Crowd is the third in a series of books from renowned hotwife author Paul Garland, Holiday Hotwives. Each book is a standalone story but the series is best read in order to fully appreciate the unfolding story of the Azure View Hotel Resort and Spa and the cuckolding and hotwife adventures that happen there.

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