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  • Paul Garland

My new hotpast series starts today!

With James's wife Lisa working overseas, he travels alone to her hometown of Barnesfield to attend a family wedding in her place, anticipating a weekend of awkward encounters and superficial pleasantries. Instead, he finds himself plunged into a labyrinth of secrets that everyone but him seems to know.

Navigating through whispered warnings and enigmatic conversations, James discovers that the rundown fishing town holds more than just faded memories; it harbours a hidden world of intrigue and betrayal. Unearthing illicit affairs, old flames, and dangerous liaisons, each revelation drags him deeper into Lisa's hot past—a past she swore was behind her.

Caught between his love for Lisa and the haunting allure of her hidden life, James is forced to decide how far he's willing to go to uncover the truth. But in Barnesfield, some secrets are better left buried. As allies and adversaries from Lisa’s past resurface, James learns that unravelling Lisa's secrets might require delving into the darkest corners of her life... and his own.

'I Visited My Wife's Hometown... And Found Her Hidden Life' is an erotic hotpast story featuring elements of hotwifing and sexy hotwives, cuckolding and cuckolded husbands, wife-sharing, adultery and cheating, public and interracial sex and more themes of an explicitly sexual nature.

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