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Coming June 1st, The Hotwife Key Party: Tina

Releasing Thursday, June 1st... The Hotwife Key Party: Tina, the first book in the inaugural ACHE collaboration. 10 books by 10 of the best erotica authors in the business... Read on for an excerpt from my book...


Chapter 1: Invitation

The room reeked of sex. As soon as I pushed the hotel door open and stepped inside, I could smell it; the familiar tang of sweat, cum and wet pussy mixed together with a hint of Tina’s musky perfume.

“Don’t stop,” my wife moaned urgently as Will Barker, the England international rugby player made love to her. She was lying naked on her back in the centre of the bed and the big man was atop her, his muscular butt thrusting away between her slender, tanned thighs.

This wasn’t the first time she’d had sex with him, their first time had happened impulsively while on vacation in Italy. Tina and I were both huge rugby fans and we’d been excited to accidentally meet the England team on the flight to Positano, where we were booked for a week’s stay. We got talking and when we met up, during a boat party towards the end of our trip, events conspired, culminating in Tina and Will having sex while I watched, entranced at the sight. He wasn’t the only England rugby player that got to fuck my wife that day. Three others joined in and then several months later, some of them hooked up again with Tina and me at an important international game at London’s Twickenham Stadium. Will had secured a private box for us to watch the game, but there wasn’t much watching of the game that afternoon. Tina again ended up fucking five men, four rugby payers and me.

Before the boat trip on the Amalfi Coast, Tina had flirted with attractive men in front of me. She knew I liked it and she’d teased me, but it had never gone further than flirting. The sex in Italy was the first time she’d been with anyone else since we first met, but it had unlocked her inner desires and brought out her adventurous side. Even so, we hadn’t done anything with anyone else since Twickenham, some six months ago.

I knew I had a cuckold fetish. I’d fantasized about her with other men but never in a million years had I thought my dirty daydreams would be anything but jerking off material in the shower. Now I’d seen her with several guys, white, black, athletic, muscular, ugly, and good-looking. She’d been fucked roughly; she’d been fucked fast and hard and she’d been cum on - and in. They were memories that I’d never forget but since the last time, despite us talking about it all the time, nothing had happened.

Until today. Will Barker, her favourite player - and favourite fuck - had told us that he was staying in our hometown to visit the local rugby club. Of course, he invited us out for a drink and here we were, a few hours later, in his hotel room.

“Hi, Joe,” my wife murmured, in between moans, when she saw me standing in the room, watching them. “You got the drinks?”

“Beer and wine,” I nodded, putting the bag of bottles down on the floor and taking off my coat and shoes before sitting in the chair nearby the bed.

“Good man,” Will said, stopping what he was doing and sliding away from Tina for a moment. His long, thick cock stood out proudly in front of him like a jouster’s lance as he stood up and walked over to take one of the beers out of the bag.

“I said ‘don’t stop’,” moaned Tina, closing her bare legs but not before I got a view of her waxed, bald pussy, glistening wetly. “I was close too.”

The tall, broad, blond-haired rugby player expertly popped the cap off the bottle using the edge of the bedside cabinet and took a long draught from it before placing it back down. “Don’t worry,” he grinned at her. “I’m only just getting started.”

Only just getting started? They’d been fucking for at least an hour. I’d watched them for half an hour when they first got in the bedroom, then I’d been out for around the same amount of time fetching the alcohol. I’d thought they might be done by the time I got back, but according to Will, this was just the beginning.

As the large sportsman downed the rest of his beer and tossed the bottle to one side to rejoin my wife on the bed, I undid my zipper and pulled out my dick. It was much smaller than the rugby player’s but it was the only cock I had and if I was going to be here for a while, I intended to make the most of the show.

Another thirty minutes and two powerful orgasms later, Tina got on top of Will and fucked him in the cowgirl position until he eventually came inside her. She looked exhausted but found the energy to slither from the bed and kneel in front of me.

“Let me finish that for you,” she purred, her large brown eyes gazing into mine. Then she lowered her head and I tangled my fingers in her hair as she took me in her mouth.

It took me less than a minute to cum and once my cock had stopped twitching in her mouth, she let up, looking up at me again while licking her lips.

“Yummy,” she giggled. “This was fun.”

“It certainly was,” Will sighed from the bed. “And I’m not done yet. I have a surprise for you.”

The naked man got up and walked over to the bedside cabinet, which now held several empty beer bottles atop it. He slid open a drawer, reached inside and pulled out a golden paper envelope.

“What’s that?” Tina asked, walking over to him. Even though this was the third time she’d fucked him, it still struck me as surreal; my wife being so relaxed and chilled while naked around another man that wasn’t me, especially when that man was a foot taller than her, physically imposing and just as naked as she was.

“It’s an invite to a very exclusive event.” Will took the last bottle of beer while Tina poured herself a glass of wine. “A friend of mine is a Hollywood agent and… I didn’t tell you this, but I was dating this woman. An actress, actually. We recently broke up but I still have the invite.”

“What kind of invite?” Tina sat on the bed and as she did, I noticed Will’s cum dribbling down her thighs. She took a wet wipe from the dressing table nearby and cleaned herself up while he explained.

“It’s a party. A celebrity party. I don’t know the hosts, but they know me, or to be more precise, they know my ex. It seems they took a liking to me because when I told them that we’d broken up, they asked if I wanted to attend anyway. But to bring a plus one.”

“And you want Tina to be your plus one?” I asked, finally realising what this was about now.

“Where is it?” My wife asked, lying back on the bed, all cleaned up now.

“California. Los Angeles,” Will said, which made Tina almost choke on her red wine.

“L.A.” she repeated. “Really?”

“Malibu,” Will nodded. “To be precise.”

“I’m not sure,” Tina said slowly, looking over at me and raising her eyebrows. “I mean… That’s a long way from England.”

“It’s all expenses paid,” the rugby player added, his long, flaccid cock swinging between his legs as he joined her on the bed. “Flights to a Hollywood hotel. A limousine from there to the event and back. It won’t cost you a thing.”

“Wow. It’s tempting,” my wife said, scraping her long, brunette hair and looking over to me for advice. “What do you think?”

“I’ll be honest,” I said, after a moment to think. “I don’t feel comfortable with you flying half the way around the world without me. I know Will would look after you but-”

“I already anticipated you saying that, Joseph,” the rugby international smiled at me. “So I went to the trouble of asking the event manager if I could bring a couple with me, rather than just a plus one. A plus two, if you like?”

“And he agreed?” Tina said, her eyes widening optimistically.

“It’s a she,” Will said, pausing for effect, “And yes. She said it’d be fine.”

“Wow.” I smiled at my wife. “Los Angeles, huh? It’s hard to say ‘no’ to such an invite, I suppose.”

“Then you’ll come?” Will said, looping his thick arm around Tina’s shoulder and gazing at her pleadingly. “Please say you’ll come.”

“When is it?” she asked, moving closer to him so that their bodies were pressed together once more.

“Late in June,” the rugby player answered. “That gives you a couple of months to book time off. I can get the manager to email you all the details. It’s very exclusive. Invite only, as I mentioned. There’s a questionnaire thing you have to fill out.”

“We’ll think about it,” I replied. “I’ll check with work to see if I can get some time off.”

“Awesome,” Will smiled and Tina responded by throwing her arms around him and kissing him roughly on the mouth.

I saw his dick stir as their lips connected and he tossed the envelope at me then let Tina push him back onto the bed.

As she kissed down his chest to his impressive cock, I opened the golden paper flap and slid out the immaculately presented R.S.V.P. that was inside. Made from a thick, almost-metallic card as shiny and golden as the wallet it came in, I turned it over in my hand, impressed by its weight and quality.

You are cordially invited to our annual summer hotwife party
W & J

“Is ‘W’ you?” I asked, flipping the card over to see an unfamiliar reply email address on the back that matched the initials on the front.

“No,” Will shook his head, then sighed as Tina took his dick in her mouth. “It’s the name of the host. I don’t know who they are, but they’re rumoured to be Hollywood socialites. They use the single letters to keep their identity a secret.”

“It all sounds very mysterious.” I slid the invite back into its envelope and put it on the bedside table. “Is it an underground sex club or something? If not, why the need for all the secrecy?”

“It might just be,” Will grinned, then closed his eyes and sighed again. Tina’s head was bobbing up and down fast on his impressive cock, coaxing him to full hardness again. “My ex was a kinky bitch, if I’m honest.”

“Oh, was she now?” Tina stopped the blowjob and stroked his wet cock with one hand while raising an eyebrow at the rugby player. His dick was hard again, long and thick as she played with it.

“She was into sex in a big way,” the blond England player nodded. “You know how high my sex drive is, right? I could barely keep up with her. She wanted it every morning, every night, sometimes twice or three times a night.”

“Is that why you broke up?” Tina ran a finger over the end of Will’s cock, wiping away a glob of pre-cum as it formed on the tip. “Was she too much for you?”

“Oh, no,” he replied with a shake of his head while looking down at my wife massaging his erection. “She got serious, wanted me to move to America and I wasn’t ready. I mean, we’d only been dating for a few months. Too much, too fast.”

“Well, it’s good that you broke up,” Tina giggled, sitting up and straddling his lap while still slowly rubbing his dick. “Because it means I get more of this.”

I loved hearing Tina talk suggestively like that. I’d cum once already but despite that, whenever I watched Tina have sex, I always got so excited that I felt like I might ejaculate right away, so this time, I played with myself gently, being careful not to finish too soon.

“So are you going to sit there talking all night or are you going to fuck it?” Will asked, wriggling his hips beneath her and pointing to his vertical hard-on in her hand.

“I rode you already,” my wife licked her lips as she spoke. “This time I want you to fuck me and I want you to do it really hard. Fuck me like I’m a cheap slut that you’ve pulled in a bar or something.”

“If you insist,” Will replied as Tina moved, rolling over onto her back and spreading her thighs as wide as she could.

My dick was as rigid as it ever got after listening to the dirty talk between them. Tina had finally embraced her sexuality fully and was relaxed enough around this man to say and do whatever she pleased with no inhibitions. I let myself get near the edge as I wanked off faster, enjoying the sight of Will positioning himself between my wife’s legs and then thrusting his cock into her roughly before starting to hammer into her with the force of the tall, powerful sportsman that he was.

Tina came spectacularly moments later, her juices gushing out around Will’s thick shaft and I came too, my own juices leaping out of my stiff prick and landing on my lower belly. Finally, Will came, pushing himself deeper into Tina one last time and letting out a manly grunt as he filled her with his spunk, only pulling out once he’d shot every last drop into my wife.

“That was fucking amazing,” Tina sighed, several minutes later, once we’d all caught our breath.

“I needed it,” Will smiled gently, trailing a finger over Tina’s breasts, his touch making her nipple pucker as he played with it. “Since Roisin - the ex I told you about - and I broke up, I haven’t had sex.”

“I’m glad we could help,” I said softly, making them both look over at me and smile. While Tina had embraced this side of herself - having sex with other guys - I was still getting used to my part in it all; the willing, cuckolded husband, happy to watch and jerk off while waiting for my turn with my wife. I also felt awkward talking after I’d cum. It was almost embarrassing for me to acknowledge enjoying it, even though neither Will nor Tina judged me for it.

A little while later, after we’d relaxed and drunk and chatted some more, we all headed for a shower, Tina going in first while Will and I hung out.

“So, you’ll come to the party?” he asked. “I hate to press you for a decision but I need to let them know in the next day or two.”

“Can Tina and I talk it over and let you know tomorrow? I’ll still have to make sure with my office that I can get some time off in June.”

“I have to head home tonight but yeah, I guess so.” Will finished his beer and we watched Tina as she stepped out of the bathroom with just a towel around her. “Drop me a text and I’ll give the party manager your details. As I mentioned, there’s some sort of questionnaire you have to fill out, so…”

Tina dropped her towel, standing naked in front of us.

“You have to head home tonight?” she pouted. “I was hoping for one more round.”

Will looked over at the clock by the bed and pretended to consider it.

“I guess I can manage one more,” he sighed reluctantly and Tina dropped to her knees in front of him again with a triumphant grin.

Here we go again, I thought to myself and got comfortable to watch yet again.

- - -

Get your copy at Amazon or any good eBook retailer right now! The Hotwife Key Party: Tina releases June 1, 2023.

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