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  • Paul Garland

Book Two of my new hotpast series is out now!

When James attended a family wedding in his wife's place at her hometown of Barnesfield, he anticipated a simple trip to connect with her family. What he discovered instead were the shadowy threads of a past that Lisa has fought hard to keep hidden.

In this steamy, tension-filled sequel, James's quest to understand his wife's history becomes a tortuous journey through a maze of deceit, lust, and betrayal. As he delves deeper into the sultry underbelly of Barnesfield, he uncovers a network of secrets and erotic intrigue. Each step closer to the truth reveals more of Lisa's hotpast, challenging their love and trust in ways neither of them anticipated.

Navigating through steamy revelations and hotwife scenarios, James witnesses a side of Lisa that ignites both his darkest desires and deepest fears. As he pieces together her hidden life, the couple must confront the reality that secrets rarely stay buried forever.

'I Visited My Wife's Hometown... And Found Her Hidden Life, Book 2' is a must-read for fans of hotpast, cuckold and hotwife erotica looking for a tale that's as emotionally charged as it is sexually explicit.

Get your copy on Amazon and all good eBook stores right now!

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