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  • Paul Garland

While you're waiting for Kelly: Two To Tango...

While you're waiting for Kelly: Two To Tango, the next Holiday Hotwives book, why don't you check my new book out?

Available now right here.

I’ve never written short stories. My tales of cuckolded husbands and horny hotwives have traditionally been long-form, my preferred length of story because I like the long, slow build-up; I like having the real estate of pages upon which to develop my characters, backdrops, backstories and to gradually raise the stakes and the sexual tension before the inevitable crazy (admittedly sometimes OTT) endings.

However, I was being asked for short stories. I was being asked for more in general, and when you’re writing (and planning and editing) books at 30-40-50,000 words, it’s hard to just do more.

I chose to publish my short stories on Medium, to see how they’d be received and to my delight (and genuine surprise), people enjoyed them. In fact, they enjoyed them so much and they were so well read, that I decided it would be a shame to just leave them on Medium.

Just as I did with ‘The One That Got Away… Until He Didn’t’ - my first serial on Medium, I felt these stories needed to be published, so that my non-Medium subscribers could enjoy them too. And so here it is - my first collection of short (though not super-short) cuckold and hotwife stories. I hope you enjoy it!

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