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  • Paul Garland

The third book in my 'Box Of Photos' series is out now!

When Phil found a box containing intimate photos of his wife, Sue's past, he didn't realise the turn of events that was about to unfold when he couldn't resist the temptation to delve deeper into her secrets.

In the penultimate installment of the scintillating series, the couple's tumultuous journey continues as they grapple with the fallout from Sue's recent indiscretion and begin to navigate the uncharted waters of their broken relationship. As Phil and Sue face their demons and confront the harsh realities of their desires, they must decide whether to succumb to the temptations of the past again or forge a new path forward together.

'I Found A Box Of Photos Of My Wife... And Her Ex, Book 3' is a hotpast erotic story, containing themes of cuckolding, group sex and features scenes of a highly explicit sexual nature.

Click here to get your copy today!

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