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  • Paul Garland

Over Cucked! is out today!

Get your copy today!

Discover a scorching collection of erotic tales that will push the boundaries of desire and explore the depths of forbidden pleasure. In "Over Cucked!", the acclaimed maestro of cuckold and hotwife fiction, Paul Garland, invites you on an explicit journey of seduction, temptation and sexual awakening.

Join the thrill of Guy Fawkes Night as "My Wife Got Fucked by Four Guys on Guy Fawkes Night," igniting an explosive encounter that sets the night ablaze with passion. Experience the tantalizing secrets beneath the big top in "My Unfaithful Wife and the Circus Strong Man," where truth and desire intertwine in a captivating dance.

In "My Wife Fucked The Landlord To Pay The Rent," witness a desperate solution to financial struggles, where temptation leads to a transaction neither of them can resist. Unveil the provocative consequences of suspicion and curiosity in "I Hired A Male Escort To Test My Wife's Faithfulness," as a plan to uncover hidden desires takes an unexpected turn.

Prepare for a captivating revelation in "My Wife Cuckolded Her Ex-Boyfriend," where the intricate web of pleasure and jealousy weaves an intoxicating tapestry. With explicit scenes of mature themes throughout, including cuckolding, group sex, swinging, cheating wives, and interracial relationships, "Over Cucked!" challenges conventional boundaries and invites you to surrender to the allure of forbidden fantasies.

Indulge your desires and delve into this immersive collection that dares to explore the provocative depths of human passion. Unleash your inhibitions and lose yourself in the enticing world of "Over Cucked!"—where pleasure knows no limits.

Over Cucked! is out now on Amazon and should be available in other eBook stores from 13th July! HTTP://

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