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  • Paul Garland

'I Caught My Wife In Bed... With My Boss' is out today!

Another new book from me is out today! 'I Caught My Wife In Bed... With My Boss' began as a serial on but was so popular as it grew in the telling that I thought it worthy of its own book. The book is part 1 of a 2-book series, with the second part coming next month.

In a tumultuous tale of betrayal and deceit, a husband stumbles upon his wife's secret affair with his boss, Nick. Consumed by anger and a thirst for revenge, he begins to devise a plan to confront them both. But as the web of infidelity unravels further, an unexpected twist occurs. Instead of seeking vengeance, the husband finds himself inexplicably drawn to the world of cuckoldry, deriving pleasure from watching his wife with other men. As he delves deeper into this uncharted territory, exploring his own desires and boundaries, he must navigate the complexities of his evolving relationship with his wife, Nick, and even other co-workers involved in their secretive trysts. "I Caught My Wife In Bed... With My Boss" is a provocative exploration of love, lust, and the unconventional dynamics of desire, challenging societal norms and pushing the boundaries of one man's understanding of himself and his marriage.

Get your copy today on Amazon (and other good eBook stores from next week)

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