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Book Three of my latest hotpast story is out today!

It's been a busy month. Not only did I release my story, 'The Remake,' as part of the Best Hotwife Erotica anthology: Friends & Lovers, but my new hotpast book, 'I Visited My Wife's Hometown... And Found Her Hidden Life, Book Three' is out today too!

Get your copy right now, on Amazon and all good eBook stores!

In the sultry shadows of Barnesfield, secrets stir and passions ignite. James and Lisa seemed destined for a bright future together, until a trip to her hometown unveils a web of lies woven with lust and betrayal.

James thought he knew his wife, but her hometown's dark secrets paint a different picture. Lisa, entangled in a scandalous circle that threatens to engulf them both, is caught between desire and duty. When James teams up with a daring ally with her own vendetta, they embark on a risky mission to uncover the truth about Lisa's past.

As alliances shift and the past crashes into the present, James must decide how far he's willing to go and whether their love can survive the revealing light of day. A new future offers itself on the horizon but will he take it or is his wife's betrayal too much?

I Visited My Wife's Hometown... And Found Her Hidden Life, Book 3 is the latest gripping installment in Paul Garland's hotpast erotica series that invites readers to the edge of decency and into the deep, dark heart of desire. The story includes themes of hotpast, cuckolding, hotwife relationships, wife sharing and features scenes of an explicit sexual nature.

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